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Dhim-mi-cra-tic – 12 letters

This is for those who don’t know the definition for the label or word Dhimmicrat I present……..

From Patrick at Clarity & Resolve (Patrick is an expert on Dhimmitude):

Dhimmicrat (noun) The dhimmicrat belongs to a subcategory of the Democratic party which, due to being stuck on a decades-long multicultural bender, is intent on selling the Western soul for the approval of adherents of the Religion of Peace and for political gain. In common dhimmicratic parlance, such behavior is referred to as “cultural sensitivity, tolerance,” and more recently “speaking truth to the racist neo-con Bushitlerhalliburton war machine.” 
The term dhimmicrat has its origins in Democrat and dhimmi, which is an Arabic noun denoting the Christian, Jew, or Sabian who is allowed to remain temporarily alive as a persecuted, taxed, and reviled second-class citizen within the Islamic social order (ahl al-dhimma, or “protected people, people of the convenant”). The Islamic basis for this malicious, humiliating, and sometimes deadly treatment of non-Muslims can be found in the Koran (8:38-39, 9:5, 9:29, 9:73, 9:123, et al.), as well as in several strong hadith – written traditions, words, and acts of Muhammad and his companions (e.g. Sahih Bukhari 4.52.196, Sahih Muslim 9.1.31). 
Of note is the fact that most dhimmicrats have little or no practical knowledge about the fundamental tenets of the Islamic ideology which they so vociferously defend. They are blindly willing to submit to the totalitarian juggernaut of Islam which their forebears fought to repel, and they do not seem to feel any compunction about dragging the rest of Western civilization down with them. They are, in effect, Islamofascism’s dutiful cadre of useful idiots in the Democratic party

I have for my own edification extended this new classification to it’s adjective form in identifying those who are members of the Dhimmicrat Party to now be called Dhimmicratics!

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